Rules & Regulations



In accordance with the educational system in Child of Promise School, all pupils shall abide by all COP Rules and Regulations during the course of their study in this school.
The official language of the school shall be English. Therefore, all communication shall be in English except during language classes.

School Anthem, National Anthem and Pledge.

Pupils in child of Child of Promise must sing the School Anthem, the National Anthem and take the pledge with the right hand placed over the heart.
Punctuality and Regular Attendance.

Pupils shall come to school with all prescribed books needed for each class everyday.
The school opens by 6:30.a.m and closes by All pupils are expected to have been picked up by their parent/guardians latest by 4:00.p.m daily. Our Crèche closes by 6:00.p.m and everyone is expected to leave the school premises by 6:00.p.m.
The staff Devotion shall commence by 7:30.a.m. and School Assembly shall commence by 8:00.a.m and shall end by 7:55.a.m.
All assemblies are compulsory and must be attended by all.
Academic work shall start by 8:00.a.m. and pupils are expected to be in their various classes promptly.

Each class period runs for 40 minutes Mondays – Thursdays and 35 minutes on Fridays. School closes by 3:00.p.m. on Monday – Thursday and 2:15.p.m on Fridays. (The 1st Friday of Every Month is the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Holy Ghost Service). The Child of Promise School closes by 1:30.p.m every 1st Friday of the Month. This is to enable parents, pupils and members of staff to make it to the Redemption Camp on time for the Holy Ghost Service.
Attendance at school shall be regular except in case of illness which must be reported to the school authority.

Absence from school for two consecutive weeks without permission from the authority shall be regarded as voluntary withdrawal from the school except in the case of illness/indebtedness.
Pupils shall listen attentively to the teaching and be actively involved in the learning process.

School property must be taken care of properly. Damage caused by pupils shall be paid for by the parent/guardian of the pupil. Damaged or misplaced books borrowed from the school Library shall be paid for by the parent/guardian of the pupil.


The Child of Promise School shall not condone improper dressing or hair do that is not conformity with the regulation of the school.
Romantic, obscene or pornographic materials shall not be brought to the school. It will attract severe punishment and expulsion.
Vulgar/foul language is totally prohibited and shall be punishable.
All forms of fighting, rough handling, abuse of fellow pupils etc. are prohibited and shall attract severe punishment.

Stealing/pilfering, bullying and other negative attributes are totally forbidden. Severe punishment shall be meted out to offenders.
There shall be good conduct and orderliness in the classrooms and everywhere in the school premises.

Pupils must be honest in words and deeds.
Pupils must be friendly, helpful, respectful and earing towards everyone.


The school environment shall be kept clean by ensuring that no litter is dropped on the floor at any time.
Pupils must be safety conscious and avoid dangerous activities
Pupils must not hang or climb on the railings at any point in time.
Pupils shall not tamper, remove or damage electrical fixings, plumbing or furniture etc in the school. Offenders shall be punished and parents/guardians of such pupils shall be surcharged appropriately or made to effect replacement.
Writing on the school walls, desk or windows shall be punishable.
There shall be no tampering with electrical installation in the school. Any electrical fault should be reported promptly.
Writing on the classroom whiteboard is not allowed unless prior permission is obtained from a teacher.
Any unwholesome behaviour observed as posing danger to others shall be reported promptly.


Every pupil must project the image of Child of Promise School positively.
Pupils shall make use of the library during library periods at all time.
Pupils shall not steal, tear, deface or mutilate library books. Pupils found guilty of any library offence shall be punished in addition to paying for or replacing the damaged book.

On no account shall books be taken out of the library without the authorization of the librarian. Pupils shall inculcate the habit of reading non-fiction and fiction books that can improve their proficiency English.


Child of Promise School runs the state/national school calendar of 3 terms per academic session.
Each term shall be 13 weeks.
Examinations shall be conducted at the end of each term.
Examinations are made up of continuous assessment (homework, projects and class tests), mid – term tests and the end of term examination.
The continuous assessment shall carry 20{af51189bd0a7c405dede85bcff769d2c3cd14034b83e035b1d685528a38afbf0} while the end of term examination shall carry 60{af51189bd0a7c405dede85bcff769d2c3cd14034b83e035b1d685528a38afbf0} and the mid – term test 20{af51189bd0a7c405dede85bcff769d2c3cd14034b83e035b1d685528a38afbf0}
The pupils shall be required to take minimum of two tests in a term in addition to the end of term Examination.
The promotion to the next class shall be based on cumulative average of the terminal examinations and the continuous assessment.
Pupils are expected to apply themselves diligently to their studies and work hard to pass all internal/external examinations.
Cheating and other examination malpractices shall attract severe disciplinary measures including suspension or expulsion.
Child of Promise School does not recognize automatic promotion. Therefore, pupils that fail to make the required pass score of 50{af51189bd0a7c405dede85bcff769d2c3cd14034b83e035b1d685528a38afbf0} average shall repeat the class.
Pupils shall be expected to be good ambassadors of the school in academics, moral and extra-curricular activities.
Awards and prizes shall be given to outstanding pupils during the Prize – Giving ceremony (at the end of every 3rd Term).
Awards and prizes shall be contested for by all pupils every session.
The awards shall be renewable annually based on continuous excellent performance academically morally etc.